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Chamber defence committee, Joseph J. Fitzgera ...

Bucharest, April 24 /Agerpres/ - The leaders of the Deputies' Chamber committee on defence, public order and national security on Monday had a meeting with Joseph J. Fitzgerald, De ...

Minister-delegate Birchall: Education mo ...

Bucharest, April 24 /Agerpres/ - Education is the ...

24.04.2017 OGSM resolutions

SNN   Report date: 24.04.2017 Name of the issuing enti ...

Decisions of the Board of Directors from ...

SIF1 CURRENT REPORT according to Regulation no. 1/2006 ...

Minister Dunca: Gymnastics results, sati ...

Bucharest, April 24 /Agerpres/ - Romania's Ministe ...


  • April 24 - SNN Annual General Meeting 2017
  • April 25 - SNP Annual General Meeting 2017
  • April 25 - SNN Annual report 2016
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Comment of the Week

What is the role of the Bucharest Stock Exchange?

Ludwik Sobolewski
Ludwik Sobolewski - CEO, Bucharest Stock Exchange

Stock exchanges proved to be a necessary institution of the modern capitalism. We are witnessing dramatic changes in technology used for doing business, harmonisation of regulations, there are also pressures stemming from the dezintermediation (scaling down the roles of intermediaries in financial transactions). Despite all this stock exchanges remain as viable mechanisms for allocation of capital. It is possible also because the stock exchange have the ability to absorb these changes of the fast evolving world.

Issuer Information

16 Feb 2017_Audio recording of the Q4/16 ...

SNP Audio recording of the Q4/16 and FY 2016 results c ...

Newsletter March 2017

SIF3 Newsletter March 2017

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Press Releases

Top 5 dividends*

Company Symbol Divid. yield
S.N.G.N. ROMGAZ S.A. SNG 8.82%

* Dividends information 2015 / current prices

Top 5 returns*

Last 12 months
SNP 38.66 %
TGN 37.32 %
SNN 32.83 %
SIF1 24.67 %
SNG 24.39 %
From beginning of the year
SNN 43.30 %
TGN 28.47 %
SNG 21.43 %
SNP 16.04 %
TLV 14.29 %

* din actiunile componente BET si BET-FI

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Delayed data with 15 minutes


Delayed data with 15 minutes


Lamb Jonathan

Romanian Oil and Gas

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Pandele Marius

The biggest dividends of the BSE companies

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Moldovan Bianca Alexandra

Piata gazelor naturale in Romania

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Sechel Ioana Cristina

SIF3 incotro?

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Chamber defence committee, Joseph J. Fitzgerald have talks on NATO and ...

Bucharest, April 24 /Agerpres/ - The leaders of the Deputies' Chamber committee on defence, public order and national security on Monday had a meeting ...

Minister-delegate Birchall: Education most valuable legacy that youngs ...

Bucharest, April 24 /Agerpres/ - Education is the most valuable legacy that youngsters can receive, Minister-delegate for European Affairs Ana Birchal ...

Minister Dunca: Gymnastics results, satisfactory for now; we have to t ...

Bucharest, April 24 /Agerpres/ - Romania's Minister of Youth and Sports Marius Alexandru Dunca has called impeccable the organisation by the northwest ...

Romania has 3 pct of GDP budget deficit in 2016 (Eurostat, preliminary ...

Bucharest, 24 Apr / Agerpres / - Romania, alongside three other EU Member States, had a government deficit (calculated based on ESA methodology, the E ...

OMV Petrom not well positioned to take advantage of market changes (re ...

Bucharest, April 24 /Agerpres/ - OMV Petrom is not well positioned so as to take advantage of the changes within the market, according to a Wood & Com ...

European floor champion Dragulescu: I am proud to be Romania's most de ...

Bucharest, April 23 /Agerpres/ - Europe's newest men's floor champion Marian Dragulescu on Sunday said he is proud to have become Romania's most decor ...

President Iohannis wishes best returns of the day to Romania's Land Fo ...

Bucharest, April 23 /Agerpres/ - President Klaus Iohannis on Sunday released a congratulatory message to Romania's Land Forces, wishing their members ...

Deloitte senior official: Envisaged tax system overhaul should not be ...

Bucharest, April 22 /Agerpres/ - A major change in the taxation system should not be made at short notice, and this is why the coming into effect of t ...

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