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Sechel Ioana Cristina

Sechel Ioana Cristina

Analyst BRK Financial Group

I'm an analyst at BRK Financial Group SA starting July 2016, having experience over 7 years in the capital market in Romania. În 2012 I have achieved a doctorate degree in Economics and International Affairs, the thesis title is: "The paradoxes of modern stock exchange markets". I have conducted several studies on the capital market in Romania, including one which is entitled "The investment behavior of brokers in the Romanian capital market"(version in romanian) under the aegis of the Romanian Academy and published in 2015. In carrying out these studies, I followed many specialized courses and attended various conferences and research internships abroad.
For a period of three years I taught various courses (Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Financial Market Integration, World Economy, Comparative Economic Policies) at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, UBB, as a teaching assistant. I kept in touch with capital market also as a lecturer at AS Financial Market LLC, entity authorized by the FSA to support staff training courses in the capital market. The first contact with the capital market was in 2007 as financial services agent, promoting to the position of COO at a financial investment services company.


BRK Financial Group is one of the most notorious financial investment services companies in Romania. Established in 1994, our company accompanied the Romanian stock market from its inceptions, being one of the founders of the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BSE).
We are proud to have been involved in the IPOs of the 11 companies initially listed on BSE (out of 12). So far, our IPO list rose to over 45 companies, among which Antibiotice Iasi, Terapia Cluj-Napoca, Azomures Targu Mures and Astra Vagoane Arad.
We are also the only brokerage company in Romania listed on the Premium Category of BSE (2005). The share price dropped significantly in the past years due to a long restructuring process.
Our company is also the first one to have developed and listed structured products on BSE.
Our shareholders are both institutional and retail investors, the most important being SIF Muntenia, which own almost 18.5% of the group.
Currently, our vast range of products and services recommends us to both traditional Romanian investors, as well as to a new, modern and demanding category of customers.


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