Change of the Supervisory Board composition



No. 555/23.01.2020

To:          Bucharest Stock Exchange

                Financial Supervisory Authority

-          Financial Instruments and Investments Sector



According to Law no. 24/2017 and F.S.A. Regulation no. 5/2018 

Report date: 23.01.2020


S.I.F. Transilvania S.A.

Headquarters: 2, Nicolae Iorga Street, Brasov 500057

Telephone: +40 268 415529, 416171; Fax: +40 268 473215, 473216

Tax registration code: RO3047687

Order number in the Trade Register: J08/3306/92

Registration number in the NSC Register: PJR 09 SIIR/080004

LEI Code (Legal Entity Identifier): 254900E2IL36VM93H128

Subscribed and paid-in share capital: RON 218,428,666.40

Regulated market on which the issued securities are traded: Bucharest Stock Exchange (ticker: SIF3)


Important event to be reported: Change of the Supervisory Board composition

S.I.F. Transilvania informs that, as a result of the F.S.A. Address no. 550/22.01.2020 whereby it is mentioned that:

„In consideration of the Court order no. 7/17.01.2020 of the Constanta Court of Appeal, pronounced in File no. 8031/2/2018, there is no doubt that there is no right of option regarding the implementation of this court order by all the involved parties. The execution of the court order is carried out by itself, not being conditioned by the issuance of subsequent administrative acts to interpret or confirm its validity, beyond the exercise of authority of the judicial power.

As a consequence, within the meaning of the execution of the aforementioned court order, the F.S.A. Notice no. 422/26.07.2017 on the approval of the change in the composition of the Supervisory Board of S.I.F. Transilvania S.A. became applicable as regards the holding by Mr. Constantin Fratila of the capacity as member of the Supervisory Board. Thus, S.I.F. Transilvania S.A. has the obligation to carry out all the measures required by the legal framework in force for the application of the provisions of the F.S.A. Notice no. 422/26.07.2017.",

the Company’s Executive Board will take the necessary and sufficient steps for the registration of Mr. Constantin Fratila in the Trade Register.


Mihai Fercala

Executive President/CEO


Iulian Stan

Executive Vice President/Deputy CEO

Marcus Valeriu Marin 

Compliance Officer