Regulated tariffs applicable as of July 01, 2020


To:       Bucharest Stock Exchange – Department of Operations Issuers of Regulated Markets

Financial Supervisory Authority – General Supervisory Division – Issuers Division


Current report as per the provision of Law 24/2017, ASF Regulation 5/2018 and BVB Code

Date of the report: July 01, 2020

Name of Issuer Company: CNTEE TRANSELECTRICA SA, company managed in two-tier system

Registered headquarters: Blvd. Gheorghe Magheru 33, Bucharest 1

Working location: Str. Olteni no. 2-4, Bucharest 3

Phone / fax numbers: 004021 30 35 611/021 30 35 610

Single registration (fiscal) code: 13328043

LEI code: 254900OLXCOUQC90M036

Number in the Commercial Register: J40/8060/2000

Share capital subscribed and paid: 733,031,420 Lei

Regulated market where the issued securities are transacted: Bucharest Stock Exchange


Important event to report: regulated tariffs applicable as of July 01, 2020


The National Power Grid Company Transelectrica SA informs the investor public about its publishing in Romania’s Official Gazette 567/30.06.2020 Order 142 amending Order 218/2019 of ANRE president approving the average tariff of transmission services, the components of the transmission tariff introducing electricity into the grid (TG) and taking electricity out of the network (TL); the tariffs of system services and the regulated price for reactive electricity, as charged by the Company. Consequently beginning with July 01, 2020 the system valid service tariffs are the following:



applicable as of

1 July 2019


applicable as of

1 July 2020





Tariffs for system services, of which:



▼ 2.96

I.             Functional system services




II.            Technological system services



▼ 8.32


The higher tariff for the regulated activity was mainly determined by the 2020 completion of a significant investment consisting of upgrading the dispatch infrastructure of the National Power System, and by recovering costs from previous years.

The decreased tariff for the regulated activity was determined by completing on 30.06.2020 the recovery of losses through tariff, which were registered in previous years as well as by lower forecasted costs determined by reduced amounts of services to be procured during the current tariff period.



Catalin NITU

Ionut-Bogdan GRECIA

Executive Director General

Directorate Chairman

Directorate Member