Nuclearelectrica the sole producer of nuclear power in Romania signs market maker contract with BRK Financial Group to enhance liquidity

  • Cosmin Ghita, CEO Nuclearelectrica: Nuclearelectrica intends to be included in the FTSE Russell index of the London Stock Exchange and for this purpose, it aims to increase its liquidity and implicitly, the value of its shares.
  • Monica Ivan, CEO BRK Financial Group: BRK Financial Group's commitment to contribute to improving liquidity continues by assuming the role of market maker for a new issuer - Nuclearelectrica.
  • Adrian Tanase, CEO BVB: Nuclearelectrica is one of the companies that could be included in the FTSE indices for emerging markets if it also fulfills the liquidity criterion, given that the size criterion is already met.

Societatea Nationala Nuclearelectrica (SNN), the sole producer of nuclear power and nuclear fuel using CANDU 6 type technology in Romania, will benefit as of March 11th from the issuer’s market-making services provided by SSIF BRK Financial Group (BRK), one of the most active brokerage companies trading on the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB).