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Terms and Conditions to use the portal investingromania.com

The portal investingromania.com was developed by Bucharest Stock Exchange. It is owned and maintained by BVB and its scope is to serve as a complex specific source of information for all the investors in the capital market, about the companies that are listed on the regulated market and the alternative trading system managed by BVB, on the basis of information, analyses and documents uploaded by third parties who have agreed to provide information on the portal, including: listed companies, collaborators of BVB, including analysts of brokerage companies and banking institutions. ("Contributors").
The information and materials on the portal come from Contributors and not from BVB that ensures only a broadcasting channel of information via the portal, excepting the cases that BVB acts as a Contributor related to the information, documents and reports related to itself as a listed Company.
Contributories shall be exclusively responsible for all the information transmitted to the public via the portal, BVB cannot be held liable for the content of such information, or analysis, except the information, press releases or analyses that are developed directly by the BVB, in its capacity as a listed Company.

By accessing this portal, users confirm that they understand and accept the fact that:
   (i) Certain documents and analysis reports analysis included in the portal could include investment advice or other information recommending or suggesting an investment strategy ("Recommendations"). In the sense of art. 2 of the Delegate Commission Regulation (EU) 2016/958 of March 9, 2016 to supplement Commission Regulation (EU) No. 596/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council on standards technical regulations that shall lay down detailed rules for the presentation of objective investment recommendations or other information recommending or suggesting an investment strategy and for disclosure of certain interests or to indicate the existence of conflicts of interest ("delegate MAR Regulation") and the definitions for qualifying the informations as ”investment recommendations” or as ”information recommending or suggesting an investment strategy” stipulated at art.3 (1) pct.34-35 of the Commission Regulation (EU) No. 596/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council from 16 April 2014 regarding market abuse (regulation on market abuse) and repealing Directive 2003/ 6/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council and Directives 2003/124/EC, 2003/125/EC and 2004/72/EC of Commission ("MAR"),

   (ii) These Recommendations are not issued by BVB, and BVB has no liability with respect to the content of these Recommendations, and can act, in some cases, as a person who distributes the Recommendations developed by the third parties in accordance with art. 8 from MAR Regulation, making the portal available to third parties, without making judgments or analyses of the content, the full responsibility belongs to persons that issue such analysis and information uploaded on Portal.

By accessing this portal, the reports and the information presented, the user confirms that he read, agreed and accepted the following terms and conditions:
BVB has the right to change the content or/and the structure of the portal without any previous notification. Terms and conditions’ changing become mandatory starting with the date of publication, with immediate effect for all the users.
None of the info presented on this portal will be considered investment consulting. This portal does not contain advice or recommendations of BVB, sale or buy offers or financial instruments, and the info contained is not meant to serve as ground for investments, starting a business or developing one and it does not intend to influence personal decision of any kind of users. In addition to these terms and conditions, users confirm that they read and abide to any other terms or conditions, warnings or restrictions that may be included in the analyses, reports and documents uploaded by the Contributories to the portal.
The portal content and design is protected- there are places where it is expressed mentioned by the low about the intellectual property. The utilization and recreation of the info from the portal is strictly forbidden for every person without a previous agreement from BVB. The users have the right to recreate and use the info from the portal just for personal interest or just with reference to the source. Downloading and copying the info from the portal does not transfer the writing rights to the person.
BVB’ objective is to provide up to date, correct and accurate info on the portal, however, BVB cannot guarantee that the pages does not contain errors, although there will be laying all the efforts to fix them in a short time. Also, BVB cannot guarantee/ control the actuality, accuracy and legality of them information presented by third party with reference to BVB’s portal. Consequently, BVB is not and shall not be legally responsible and liable for any direct or indirect damages caused to you or to any other third part party by the utilization of this portal and information contained – by you or other person, or for any inaccuracies or erroneous content of information took from third parties and communicated through this portal, including failures, viruses or any other similar factors. The users are fully responsible for assessing the accuracy, completeness and use of information available on this portal.
Certain materials, reports or Recommendations issued by Contributors can be related to BVB, as a listed company on the regulated market.
In case that any stipulations or formulations from this Terms and Conditions are not or shall not be correct from legal point of view (full or partially), the content and availability of the other stipulations or formulations will not be affected, to the extent permitted by law.
   • Cookies
The technology called „cookies” can be used in this portal, through which allows its users to store redundant information on portal. A "cookies” can be sent to the user browser, which may then store it in the user's system. Some pages of this portal can use this technologies in order for BVB to serve the users better when they return to the portal. This technology does not recover / save any other information on the user's hard drive and will not attract / retain or store the e-mail address. The user can program their browser to notify you when you receive a "cookies", giving them the opportunity to decide whether they accept it or not. The user can continue to surfing the web even if they decided to accept "cookies".
   • Legal / Parental Control
Any claim or dispute caused or related to use of this portal, its content information therein shall be governed by Romanian law.
In case a user violets the terms, BVB reserves its right to use all legal means considered necessary, including the right to block the access.