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Le Phuong Hai Thanh

Le Phuong Hai Thanh

Analist Concorde Securities Ltd.

Hai Thanh started her university studies at Corvinus University of Budapest and graduated as a finance major from Vrije Universiteit in the Netherlands. She joined Concorde’s research team in 2013. She is a specialist in the Central Eastern European (Romanian, Austrian, Hungarian) banking sector. In addition, she also analyses regional foreign exchange bonds, especially those issued by the banks belonging to her area of expertise (Erste, Raiffeisen and OTP).


Concorde Securities Ltd. is Hungary’s leading independent company engaged in investment banking activities. It provides its clients with integrated financial services, including securities trading, research, corporate financing advisory, capital market transactions, wealth management and investment advisory. The operational management of the company is the responsibility of the CEO, while the owners/managers (who control one-third of the company through their shares and options) are in charge of its strategic governance. Concorde Securities Ltd. is a member of the Budapest, Frankfurt, Warsaw and Bucharest stock exchanges, as well as of the Hungarian Association of Investment Service Providers.