RAPORT ANALIST November 28, 2016

Cheer up, at least on short-term.

Valuation We update our view on Nuclearelectrica with a BUY recommendation and a target price of RON 6.1 per share revealing an upside potential of 24%. As in our last report, we did not price in our model Units 1 & 2 refurbishment projects (EUR 2.8b) and Units 3 & 4 construction project (EUR 6.5b). We still believe these investment projects are impossible to be financed without a kind of power price support. We used a DCF model with a 22-year explicitly forecasted period (until 2037), as company’s management stated that the lifetime of the two reactors could be prolonged from 26 to 30 years. As such, Unit 1 and 2 would shut down at the end of 2026 and 2037, respectively. Our target price includes the NPV of Units 1&2 residual value that we computed by adding an 80% discount to the two Units refurbishment costs of EUR 2.8b.