RAPORT ANALIST February 16, 2017

Extremely cold winter brought amazingly good results

Trangaz reported outstanding figures on the back of high capacity booking due to chilly winter. Short term capacity booking multiple times more expensive than to longer time horizon that is the reason for the extra income at domestic revenues.
Q4 profit exploded due to the above mentioned and came to RON 237 million (+129% y-o-y). With this outstanding results FY net profit arrived at RON 595 million (+22% y-o-y) implying EPS RON 50.6. From which Transgaz should pay out RON 46 (DY: 14%) on the request of government (90% payout ratio). However, we would like to note that Transgaz may ask for reduction, given its massive investment plan to build BRUA pipeline as it did last year.
Revenue jumped to almost RON 599 (+42% y-o-y) principally on the back of powerful domestic transmission revenues, though international transmission gave also impressive figures (+8% y-o-y) helping by the strong dollar.
On the OPEX side, we see strong efficiency, as expenses increased only by the cost of the newly added balancing activity (+9% y-o-y). Excluding that cost item, OPEX would have been even lower (-2% y-o-y).
EBIT margin and EBITDA margin figures improved to 37% (+200bps y-o-y) and 49% (+200bps y-o-y) respectively for the full year driven by the robust last quarter.